All of our programs at Gotta Dance are ALL-INCLUSIVE & BUDGET FRIENDLY avoiding any surprise fees or expenses.

NEW! - Tuition is billed monthly from September-May. Monthly tuition cost includes:

  • Class Tuition
  • Class Leotard, Shorts/Tutu, & Tights
  • PreK dancers get both Ballet AND Tap shoes*, PLUS choice of dance bag ($20 limit)
  • Recital Costume (including tights & all accessories)
  • Holiday show T-shirt for each dancer
  • PLUS Access to our private studio/class app to easily access photos, videos, and news from our studio!

*Please note: dance shoes are not included in our all-inclusive pricing plans for ages 5+ due to varying costs based on style.

NO MORE JUNE TUITION - NEW for 2024 a "Recital Package" of $75 per dancer will be due by June 1. (over $90 value)


PRE-K COMBO (Ages 3-5):


*BONUS: Includes dance shoes AND a dance bag at no additional cost!


30-MINUTE CLASSES (Ages 5-7): 

1 class = $51/month

2 classes = $96/month

**Enroll in a Combo class (offered as Ballet/Tap and Acro/Jazz) for a special rate!**

Combo Class = $73/month ...remember, 2-30min classes costs $96 without the Combo option!

2 Combo Classes (ALL 4 STYLES) = $137/month
...that's like getting a dance style for FREE! (compared to 4 styles x 30min price = over $200!)


45-MINUTE CLASSES (Ages 7+): 

1 class = $62/month

2 classes = $118/month

3 classes = $166.50/month

4 classes = $215/month

5 classes = $256.25/month ...You're saving $53.75 based on single class of $62 - that's almost a FREE class!

6 classes = $297.50/month ...Now you're saving $74.50 - That's MORE THAN 1 FREE CLASS!

7 classes = $338.75/month ...Savings of OVER $95 v purchasing classes individually at $62/class.


*Team dancers require 30min Conditioning Class, $30/month. Some Team dancers are also required to take Ballet.