Gotta Dance and its staff are committed to utilizing age-appropriate music, moves, routines and costumes! We want our dancers to act, look like, and BE kids – in class and on  stage!

We set realistic expectations, derived from our years of teaching experience, based on a combination of a dancer’s age, natural ability, and willingness to progress. We also take into consideration any learning challenges our dancers may possess – the more we know, the more prepared we can be to make this the best possible experience for them!


Everyone at Gotta Dance is part of our extended dance family, and the staff strive every day to provide a positive and encouraging environment that supports dancers of all abilities, as well as their families. We have and enforce a “no bullying” policy because we want coming to class to be something our dancers look forward to and enjoy.

Our Performance and Competition Teams are dedicated to being role models - not only striving to better their abilities while working together, but also by giving back to their community and learning to be more well-rounded future adults.  

We place emphasis on competition as another learning opportunity – “winning” can be a goal, but isn’t everything! Some fantastic life lessons can be learned when we don’t “win”, and we encourage through positive discussion when this inevitably  happens.


We recognize the importance of taking the proper steps to become a better dancer. While some students may have a natural talent, it is important to build strong foundations to create good habits that help in both dance and in life. These include focusing on proper body alignment and placement, strength training, coordination, and balance. Our body is our instrument, and we have to understand how it works to both maximize a dancer's potential as well as protect it from injury or long-term damage. With these tools at the core, dancers will be able to better and more safely execute complex dance steps and tricks!

We keep class sizes small which allows us to work with each student to progress at their own pace! All students are able to receive individual attention from our instructors by never having more than 10 dancers in any class!


All members of our staff have extensive performance and training resumes, and together represent over 80 years of dance experience! But that doesn’t mean we’re old!!  

Our staff continues to train and educate themselves with the latest dance trends and safety practices to ensure the best experience for your child. 

Learn more about our staff and read their individual bios by visiting the 'Meet Our Staff' tab (COMING SOON).


All dancers are welcome and encouraged to join our Performance Team if they seek more opportunities to share their love of dance. Committing to the Team means learning additional choreography, attending additional classes and rehearsals, and appearing at local events to show off what they’ve accomplished. 

Dancers looking for the “next level” can audition (or be invited) for our Competition Team. Our team competes at all skill levels (novice, intermediate and advanced) and in all styles. We compete 3-6 times per season and at one National level event during the summer. All info required to commit is provided at the beginning of the season – though additional opportunities do arise! 

In addition to these team offerings, we also arrange for our dancers to attend several off site workshop events and conventions throughout the year. Extra class opportunities, as well as auditions for outside performances (such as local  Nutcrackers) are all shared on our studio app. We encourage all dancers to attend! 

Gotta Dance also has an extensive professional dance family that we occasionally invite into the studio for small groups classes with our dancers. All our students are welcome to participate in these events!

To learn more about our Performance and Competition Teams, please visit the 'Dance Teams' tab.


We strive for cost transparency to allow our dance families to avoid unanticipated costs throughout the season. Tuition is billed in monthly installments from September-May and costumes are billed at a fixed-rate in 3 low-cost payments. In addition to tuition, your monthly fee includes LOTS of extras: 

- Classwear: Leotard, tights, shorts or tutu (not including hiphop – they get a tshirt and shorts)

- Access to our private studio app for to news and announcements AND access to a private page for each class where teachers post pictures and videos!

-Invitations to exclusive studio events all year long!

We also offer multiple fundraising opportunities to pay costume fees or to buy awesome studio swag!

For more info on pricing, check out our 'Pricing' tab to learn more.