The Gotta Dance competition teams consists of highly motivated, dedicated performers who are nominated based upon technique, dedication, attitude, and stage presence. Dancers are assigned teams and routines according to their age and/or ability. Being nominated for our competition team is an honor and a privilege. It can be a great experience too, but comes with great responsibility. There is a significant amount of time and work involved in addition to the financial considerations.

Team members represent our studio and act as role models for other dancers in our studio. It is very important they maintain a positive attitude and be respectful toward teachers, choreographers, and other dancers by body language/demeanor, verbally, and outside of dance in Facebook, on Instagram, SnapChat and/or Twitter postings.

The focus of the Gotta Dance Competition Team is to provide an opportunity outside of the studio for these dancers to showcase their talent in competitive and non-competitive arenas. Acceptance and participation in this group encourages growth as a dancer, charisma as a performer, and confidence as an individual as well as the experience of being a part of a team.

If you would like to inquire about joining our Competition Team, please email us at [email protected]